Master-class in making dumplings (varenyky)

    At the restaurant or in open air museum with our master chef you will cook varenyky by yourself. A friendly mistress will tell a lot of interesting facts about culinary traditions of Ukrainians.
    You don’t have to be a professional chef, your guide will give you step-by-step instructions on cooking these mouthwatering dishes. Firstly, you’ll prepare the dough for varenyky. Then, you’ll master the technique of making perfectly shaped varenyky. Afterwards you’ll have a home-made lunch or dinner prepared by yourself in a friendly company. You’ll get new skills as well.
    This master class is a great possibility to learn new recipes that will make your relatives and friends understand your new obsession with Ukrainian cuisine.

Candles from wax (Wax candles)

    From the ancient times, people believe that fire can protect them. The candle accompanied human along their whole life, and although common people could not afford illumination of their dwellings using candles due to high cost of wax but, nevertheless, a candle was present at any feast, ceremony, and important moments in everyone’s life. We offer you to join the old traditions and try to make your own candle. The candle made and creatively decorated with your own hands will be a very good souvenir or ingenious present combining the charms of the Ukrainian traditions. Your own candle will always bring warmth to you and inexhaustible creative energy!

Pysanka writing

    The masterclass for pysanka writing is one of the most mysterious masterclasses!
    You don’t even realize at the beginning of the class how a simple egg transforms into marvellous decoration. Such classes offer a real opportunity to feel the folk culture of the Ukrainians.
    Pysanka is a symbol of life. The first pysanka which were made from clay were found 5000 years ago. Pysankas are amulets of home and family. Each symbol and color has its own meaning. That’s why it’s called pysanka (from the Ukrainian word “to write”) – we write all the good wishes on this egg – health, prosperity, peace, love and joy.
    The participants of the masterclass for pysanka writing will have an opportunity to learn the meaning of coded characters, will learn writing pysnaka using traditional ornaments. While selecting pysanka pattern, each of the participants can create own masterpiece, unique in your own fashion.

Master-class with blacksmith (on week-ends)

    Are you ready to become a blacksmith of your happiness? Welcome to a smithy. The blacksmith knows different secrets. With the help of his jokes, warmth of his soul and strength of his hands one may “persuade” any iron to get transferred into a real masterpiece. Enjoy the rhythm of blacksmith’s melody and magic of fire!


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