An indefinite strike is about to begin in Boryspil Airport.

Aircraft workers of Aerohandling LLC are planning to launch an indefinite strike caused by the labor conflict between employees and their management.
Aerohandling LLC is a provider of ground handling at the Boryspil International Airport. Since Ryanair has entered Ukrainian market and SkyUp has moved to Boryspil, the volume of work has doubled. The authorities, however, are not intending to take on more staff.

According to the chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Airline Workers Oleksiy Popov, the employees have addressed their authorities a number of times asking to employ additional staff, but all their requests remained unheard.

The Trade Union of 200 people decided to start the strike in two weeks – 19 June, at midnight. Apart from the enormous workload the employees are also not satisfied with the terms of their labor contract, socio-economic conditions and wages.

The strikers promise that it will not affect schedule of flight arrivals or departures. However, there might be some inconvenience because Aerohandling LLC provides handling of the airport facilities, passengers and luggage.

Therefore, people will need to arrive at the airport in advance.
Boryspil International Airport, in its turn, considers such a decision pure manipulation and believes that the strike can paralyze the work of the airport.