Effective 15 January 2019 Ukraine International Airlines will change its hand baggage rules for all of its flights. New policy will become more clear and transparent for all passengers.

The new hand baggage allowances apply to the passengers who have purchased their tickets effective 01 November 2018 for travel effective 15 January 2019. The rules depend on fare type paid or booking class:

Passengers who have bought tickets paying hand baggage only fare can take one piece of hand baggage weighing up to 7 kg and with size of no more than 55x40x20 cm on board the aircraft as well as overclothes and umbrellas.
Passengers who have purchased tickets with checked baggage included as well as Premium Economy Class passengers on long haul flights are allowed to take two hand baggage pieces onboard: one 7kg/55х40х20 bag and one 5 kg/40х30х10 cm bag as well as overclothes and umbrellas.
Business Class passengers on medium haul flights will have opportunity to carry 2 hand baggage pieces: one 12kg/55х40х20 cm bag and another one 5kg/40x30x10 cm as well as overclothes and umbrellas.
Business Class passengers on long haul flights will be allowed to take 3 hand baggage items: two pieces weighing up to 15kg in total and with size of no more than 55х40х20 cm each as well as one additional item 5kg/40x30x10 cm as well as overclothes and umbrellas.
In addition effective 15 January 2019 each UIA passenger regardless of the booking class and fare each passenger will get the opportunity to take an additional carry-on bag weighing up to 5kg and with size of no more than 40x30x10 for the price of 15 euros. The payment can be made either in advance at the airport of departure.

“World doesn’t stand still, neither does the aviation industry. UIA keeps on developing, to improve its procedures and technologies. In New Year all UIA’s passengers will have the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of our new carry-on bags policy which becomes more simple and transparent, – UIA Vice President Commerce Sergiy Fomenko said. – As before we recognize our customers must have choice and we are ready to provide it. In the New Year we will provide opportunity for our passengers to purchase extra hand baggage piece in addition to other ancillaries like meals, preferred seat selection and extra checked baggage”.

New official hand baggage rules are available on UIA’s official web site.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which hand baggage allowances apply to passengers who have bought tickets prior to November 1 2018 and travel after January 15 2019?
Baggage rules for such passengers remain the same as at the moment of ticket purchase.

2. Why does UIA change hand baggage allowances?
UIA’s hand baggage rules were changed in order to make them easier for passengers. And new allowances in their turn will improve the boarding process and hand bags placement onboard.

3. Why should the second piece of hand baggage have the following dimensions – 40х30х10 cm?
Because a passenger must have opportunity to place it under the seat in front of him.

4. How many additional pieces of hand baggage can a passenger buy?
A passenger is allowed to buy only one additional piece weighing up to 5kg and with dimensions up to 40х30х10 cm.

5. If a passenger has a connection flight and wants to buy an additional hand baggage piece does he have to pay for each travel segment separately?
No. The fee for an additional carry-on bag is charged for the whole one way route.

6. Will the hand baggage allowances be changed for passengers travelling with infants without separate seat onboard?
No, the rules will not be changed for these passengers.

7. Can the accessories for passengers with reduced mobility be considered as hand baggage pieces?
No. In addition to the established baggage allowance, such passengers will be able to carry 1 cane, or 1 pair of crutches, or 1 walker, or other auxiliary equipment necessary during the flight, free of charge.

8. What shall the passengers who have other personal items in addition to the allowed hand baggage pieces do?
Any personal items like duty free bags, notebooks, newspapers or magazines, cameras, binoculars, suit bags etc. must be packed inside hand bags. All the items which are not packed will be regarded as pieces of hand baggage in case they exceed allowances and must be paid for.

9. If a passenger had bought a ticket for hand baggage only fare but then purchased a checked bag could he take one hand baggage piece weighing up to 5kg and with dimensions up to 40х30х10 for free in addition to his main carry-on bag weighing up to 7kg and with dimensions up to 55х40х20 cm?
No. In this case a passenger can take an extra piece as soon as he has paid a 15 euro fee for it. The hand baggage allowances depend on the ticket fare and/or booking class.

For information:

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