Starting from 01 January 2019 MFA introduces extended range of Ukraine’s electronic visas (e-Visa) categories (as per the purpose of travel to Ukraine)

How to apply:
Step 1. Register at the MFA web-platform http://evisa.mfa.gov.ua
Step 2. Fill in application form online
Step 3. Upload copies of necessary documents:
– photo
– passport
– health insurance policy (30,000 euro coverage)
– proof of sufficient funds
– document confirming the purpose of the visit (more information on e-Visa supporting documents

per each category may be found at the ”Help” section of the MFA e-Visa website).
Step 4. Pay the fee (85 USD) online by MasterCard/Visa card.

All e-Visa applications are processed within 9 business days.

e-Visa or visa refusal letter is sent to the applicant’s email address in pdf format (get Adobe Reader here)

e-Visas are issued as single entry visas valid for up to 30 days

All applicants should submit their printed e-Visas (along with their valid travel documents) to Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service officers when entering Ukraine.

Information support is also available at evisa@mfa.gov.ua.

Full text of the Guidelines on Issuing Electronic Visas (in Ukrainian).