In the Lviv coffee shop created a menu for the blind

The braille menu is now available in one of the coffee shops of the city of Leo.

This is the press service of the Lviv City Council.

You can use the Braille menu in the Lviv Knipe Pstrug, bread and wine. Holding emotions! FEST developed and printed it together with the resource center of Lviv Polytechnic. This novelty is not for increasing the flow of visitors. so that people with visual impairments in the city were a little more comfortable, “- said the head of the PR and communications department of the Holding of Emotions”! FEST “Taras Maselko.

According to him, this is the first step to draw the attention of business to the creation of appropriate conditions for all people in society.

In order for the waiters to professionally serve the guests of the establishment, the resource center together with the holding organized an inclusive training for the staff.

The menu has 37 pages. While it is only in one copy, but if it is in demand, they are assured in the holding that they will print it again.

As noted by the head of the resource center “Lviv Polytechnic” Oksana Potimko, who herself had lost her eyesight, since inclusive education began to be introduced, blind people are beginning to get used to openness. This does not mean that all of them will go to a restaurant, although prices are affordable there. This will happen when they realize that they will cope there, because there are menus and waiters who know how to take an order.