Zakarpattia Tour

Day 1
– Arrival in Uzhgorod. Meeting at the railway station with guide..
– Transfer to the hotek. Check-in at the hotel.
– Acquaintance with the old town, its original architecture; tour to Uzhgorod Castle (XII-XVIII c.) – one of the oldest castles in Zakarpattia, which is located in the old part of town. Visit to Local history museum; Nevitsky Castle.
– Lunch at a restaurant.
– Next transfer in Svalyava district – excellent health resort Zakarpattia, where nature heals people from a variety of diseases, giving them strength and improves health. The program includes: – Arrival in sanatorium “Carpathians”, which is located in amazing village Beregvar forest park in the valley Latoritsa river. Walking tour in the denpropark to the “source of beauty” with crystal clear water.
– Dinner at a restaurant.
– Transfer to the hotel. Time at leisure.

Day 2
– Breakfast at the hotel.
– Excursion to the Mukachevo castle “Palanok» (XIV-XVIII centuries), one of the most valuable historic and military monuments of Ukraine. A walk through the city center, visiting the convent and church “All the Afflicted”.
– During the tour you will see the restored medieval fortification architecture, ancient courtyards and galleries with exhibitions of contemporary sculpture.
– Walking city tour of the “City on the Latoritsia” – a city with a thousand years of history. During the tour you will walk through the narrow medieval streets of the city, you will see numerous monuments of architecture and history.
– Excursion to the “Carpathians” sanatorium – the former hunting castle Schenborn: castle was built in the romantic style with Gothic motifs Buheymom Count Schenborn in 1890-1895 years.
– Lunch at a restaurant.
– Excursion to St Miklos (village Chinadievo). Visit to the “Castle of Love”.
– Castle was built in the XV century by Baron P. Pereni. It was under the possession of of Rakoczy and Schenborn families.
– Dinner at a restaurant.
– Transfer to the hotel. Time at leisure.

Day 3
– Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out.
– Time at leisure.
– Transfer to the railway station.
– Departure from Uzhgorod.

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