Sophia of Kyiv

Sophia of Kyiv takes a leading place among all monuments and sights of Kyiv.
St. Sophia Cathedral was conceived as the main church of Kievan Rus and was built in the center of the Ancient Kyiv in the first half of 11th century. Cathedral was originally designed in the Byzantine style, had a pyramidal structure and 13 domes. Reconstruction of St. Sophia in 1688 was carried out in the Baroque style. The modern territory of St. Sophia reserve includes: Sofia Cathedral, Belfry, Metropolitan House, Refectory, Fraternal house, Bursa (Seminary), Bakery, South entrance tower, Zaborovskyi Gate. Today, the museum preserves 260 sq of mosaics and over 3000 sq ft of frescoes of the 11th century.

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