Roundabout monasteries of Kyiv

Since the beginning of time, Kyiv had the glory of the holy city. We invite you on a tour to Roundabout monasteries of Kyiv. This tour is divided in four stages: excursion to the Holy Protection Monastery, excursion to Kitaevo, excursion to Feofaniya and excursion to Tserkovschina.
Kitaevo. Historic Place on the southern outskirts of Kyiv, where the remains of the town of IX-X centuries are preserved, as well as cave cells of Kievan Rus.
Holosiyivs’ka deserts (Holy Protection Monastery) – the summer residence of the Kyiv Metropolitans.
Feofaniya. A park-monument of national importance with St. Panteleimon monastery located here.
Tserkovschina – a monastery that is a forgotten relic of Kyiv. The main attractions of this area are caves with a churches complex, cells, and tombs.

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