Excursion to the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Pirohovo. Examination of Ukrainian huts, windmills and other constructions of 16-20 centuries. The museum has a rich collection of housewares, tools, Ukrainian national dress, folk and decorative art. Among the worship places of the museum there are operating churches: Cossack (16th century) and St. Paraskeva (18th century).
The territory of the museum is divided into 6 regions of Ukraine: “Dnieper River”, “Poltava and Sloboda”, “Polessye”, “Podolie”, “South”, “Carpathians”. Also there is the exhibition “Windmills”, “Trade fair field” and “modern village”. Many old buildings of the museum – the originals, which were dismantled in the villages, numbered and then reassembled on the museum grounds. Pirohovo – a great place to see in one day how diverse is the life and culture in different parts of Ukraine.

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