Sightseeing tour of Pereyaslav – Khmelnitsky : visiting St. Michael’s Church ( 1646 – 1666), Holy Trinity Church , Ascension Cathedral ( 1695g), the belfry on it’s territory ( 1776) and Collegium ( 1938), Assumption Cathedral.
Museum-Reserve Michael Church – the complex of church buildings. Inside the courtyard is the museum of folk costumes. Ascension Cathedral, which was built in the city center in 1695. The museum-diorama “Battle for the Dnieper” opened during the Soviet era is inside the cathedral.
Also you will visit Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Naddneprovya – the first open-air museum in Ukraine. Here is a large area of the wooden houses park and religious buildings, where you can dip into the past.

Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky City Tour (5 hours)* Price, EUR
1-2 pax
Price, EUR
3-5 pax
Price, EUR
6-15 pax
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English 180 240 295
Languages: German, French, Spanish, Polish 201 260 316
Excursion in Japanese, Chinese, Italian and other languages upon request upon request upon request

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