Odesa City Tour

During the excursions you will get acquainted with the most beautiful places and sights of the city: excellent facilities, a successful plan, mild climate and gentle sea. During the tour you will visit historic landmarks, visit the beautiful city park of Taras Shevchenko, be able to walk through the cozy streets of Odesa. You will meet with a masterpiece of architecture – Opera and Ballet Theater, as well as historical buildings, which are artistic, archaeological, marine and other museums. You can stroll through the magnificent winter and summer Primorsky Boulevard, where is the City Council, Palace of Count Vorontsov with a colonnade, a monument to Duke de Richelieu. You will see wonderful view on a sea port and sea that will charm you. Here we introduce you to the famous Potemkin Stairs.

Odesa City Tour (3 hours)* Price, EUR
1-2 pax
Price, EUR
3-5 pax
Price, EUR
6-15 pax
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English 89 114 128
Languages: German, French, Spanish, Polish 95 125 136
Excursion in Japanese, Chinese, Italian and other languages upon request upon request upon request

Price is indicated for the excursion.
Price includes: transport and guide services on the route.
*Excursion is possible every day.


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