Mamaeva Sloboda

In the middle of the valley of curly cherry gardens, surrounded by fences, stands Cossack “Sloboda” – the architectural ensemble which consists of 98 units. The Cossack church is founded in the name of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin. Not far from the church there is a wind-mill. In “Mamajeva Sloboda” you can see the estates of a Churchwarden, of Cossack armour bearer, of the Cossack’s superior, of a Blacksmith, of a Potter , of a Fortune-teller; a shynok (Ukrainian restaurant), an apiary and a watermill as well. The estates consist of different buildings according to their household functions: storehouses, sheds, stables, cellars, barns, cart-houses, etc. This traditional Ukrainian landscape is supplemented with the Marketplace, the Military chancellery and a Cossack garrison.

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