Chernihiv City Tour

While visiting Chernihiv, you will plunge into a fascinating world of history. Here you will find operating monasteries and cathedrals, ancient temples and museums. Ancient Chernihiv region is famous for a large number of outstanding historical and architectural monuments XI-XII and XVII-XIX centuries.
Chernihiv Detinets – is the old town. It includes Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral of XI century, one of the oldest temples of Kievan Rus. The visiting card of the city is operating Katerininska Church with bronze domes built at the beginning of XVIII century.
Anthony caves are an underground monastery, founded in 1069 by Christian missionary Anthony. Eletskii Monastery – one of the oldest monasteries in Ukraine. Near the Eletskii monastery is the oldest memorial of Chernihiv region – the famous Black Tomb.

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